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188 E 93rd Street is owned and managed by the notorious Shalom, a/k/a Ohebshalom, family of real estate speculators. The "official" owner is a corporate entity called MED LLC. Our building manager is Ben Shalom, a/k/a Benjamin Ohebshalom.

188 E 93rd Street is home to about 70 people in 48 apartments. Before the Shaloms took over, there were 51 apartments . . . and fewer tenants.

188 East 93rd Street consists of four buildings: 1656 Third Avenue (apartments A-D), 1658 Third Avenue (apartments M-P), 1660 Third Avenue, a/k/a 190 E 93rd Street (apartments I-L), and 188 E 93rd Street, a/k/a 188A E 93rd Street (the main entrance lobby). The three primary buildings, 1656-1660 Third Avenue, are "Old Law Tenements," built around 1880. Originally, the apartments were "railroad flats" -- there were two apartments per floor, with windows opening on both Third Avenue and the courtyard. In the 1960s, 1658 and 1660 Third Avenue were repartitioned so that now we have four smaller apartments per floor. We don't know when 1656 Third Avenue was re-partitioned into smaller apartments. Archival photos of the building from around 1940 show that 1656 Third Avenue (A-D apartments) had no fire escape on Third Avenue. The only fire escapes were the "party wall balconies" shared with 1658 Third Avenue (M-P apartments) in the back. Although "party wall balconies" are now illegal, ours remain because they were grandfathered in.

The apartments in 1656 and 1658 Third Avenue are all studios measuring less than 250 square feet each. In 1660 Third Avenue, there are three types of apartments. The four apartments on the corner of 93rd Street and Third Avenue are one-bedrooms. Next to the one-bedrooms, with windows facing Third Avenue, are the "large studios," which are the same size as the one-bedrooms but without separate bedrooms. Back-to-back with the one-bedrooms and "large studios" are eight studio apartments. Six of these are about the same size as units in 1656 and 1658 Third Avenue. However, the two studio apartments on the first floor are the smallest in the building because the stairwell knocks out a chunk of floor space. These two studios have had "terraces" on the roof of the main lobby since June 2004.

Sky Management
Website of our owner/landlord.
Shalom Tenants Alliance
Website of the city-wide alliance of tenants living in Ohebshalom-owned and -managed buildings.
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NYC Department of Finance
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Here's what our block looked like in 1915, viewed from the corner of Lexington towards Third Avenue. Click to view a larger image.