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The 188 E 93rd Street Landfill: A Documentary
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Let's see how long it takes before our courtyard looks like a landfill! The Sanitation Department picks up garbage on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Recycling is collected every Wednesday. As you will see, most of the garbage collecting in the courtyard is recycling.

Day 1: Recycling pickup day (Wed. 4/7/04)

Day 2 (Thu. 4/8/04)

Day 3 (Fri. 4/9/04)

Day 4 (Sat. 4/10/04)

Day 5 (Sun. 4/11/04)

Day 6 (Mon. 4/12/04)

Day 7 (Tue. 4/13/04)

Day 8: Recycling pickup day (Wed. 4/14/04)

Courtyard Cleanup! 
Click here to see some ideas for organizing the garbage in the courtyard.

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