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Issue: The Garden
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The garden in our courtyard was beautiful at one time, believe it or not. In recent years, it has been sadly neglected, however, except for the attention it receives from smokers using it as an ashtray. Currently the Tenant Association is requesting cash donations to the garden fund, as well as volunteers to help revive our garden. Here are some ideas from jacksonandperkins.com:


Shade Garden
(for main garden)

Includes "Gardens by the Numbers" diagrams!
32 perennials, 6"-12"-tall.
Covers @ 120-130sf
Colors: violet-blue, pink, white, apricot.
Blooms from spring to fall.
6 Foxglove-Apricot;
2 Anemone-Queen Charlotte;
4 Pink Turtlehead
2 Forget-Me-Not,Jack Frost
6 Blue Monkshood
6 Astilbe, Diamond
6 Dicentra spectabilis (Bareroot).

  Kiwi Vine - Arctic Beauty
(for back wall)

Grows up to six feet per year in sun or shade – even after severe winters. Vine reaches 12’-15’.
The spring leaves emerge purple and green, then lighten in summer to soft pink, cream and bright green. Variegation becomes more pronounced as the plant matures.
Full sun to full shade.

  Primrose Mix
(for smaller planters in back)

Perennial; fragrant.
A vigorous, two-season performer, its flowers combine well with a multitude of spring-flowering bulbs, then appear again in fall.
Full to part sun

  Heuchera Planet
(for smaller planters in back)

Five different varieties – Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Neptune. Their star-like flowers appear in eye-catching sprays, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Blooms–spring to summer.
12" H x 12" W
Full to part sun

All of these plants can be purchased on jacksonandperkins.com. The total price, including shipping and tax, is $251.07.

We also need TOOLS -- minimally, a shovel . . .

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